Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Year! New You!

Tips to help you achieve your resolutions

As 2007 dawns upon us, so does the thoughts and aspirations of a new you! Whether your resolutions are to lose weight, get fit, or simply change your lifestyle here are some simple easy steps to helping you to stay on track!

1. Losing Weight: Join a weight loss club, the enthusiasm and motivation you gain from others around you will really help your self-confidence and goals! My friends and I, after having our children, all joined as a group, made it a night out, weighed in, and then had a drink somewhere, something healthy of course! And always gave one another goals, like who would lose more the week after. Existing friends and new friends will help you in your battle to lose a few pounds or more!

2. Getting Fit: Even if its a simple stroll or walk, make an effort to do something physical a few times a week, either meet a friend for a walk or jog, or even a game of something, I must admit I find a bit of competition gives me more motivation to do something. Badminton is good as its fun and physical, but you can take it easy too! Go on go book a badminton court for you and a friend, or you and your partner! New mums out there why not go on lots of buggy walks and check out your local buggy clubs they are great for exercise and meeting new people in your area!

3. Lifestyle Changes: Quit smoking, cut back on alcohol, control your finances..... all the things which will change you and your lifestyle, even if its not something people can see its what’s inside that counts. You are the only person who can achieve lifestyle changes, make plans of how and when you will change things, its hard for me to give advice on smoking as I never have smoked, but from seeing my father recently quit, its been 8 months now, I reckon anybody can if you put your heart to it!

If its alcohol, just limit yourself to no alcohol in the week and a few at the weekends, I know how easy it is to get home from a hard day at work or a hard day with the children and open a bottle of wine, but again its just controlling it! There are some great healthy teas out there now, which are good for your body and also will make you feel better the next day, a lot fresher and brighter than after a few glasses of wine!

We all promise to sort our finances out, save money or cut back on the clothes and accessories, but just plan ahead and be in control, whether its you or your partner who controls your finances, just make sure you have your month by month planned, whether you have meals out, or weekends away, or just peoples birthdays, at least then you can work out extra expenses and where you can cut back! One great idea whilst the sales are still in town, grab some great bargains for presents for people, or just buy well in advance rather than leaving things to the last minute, or end of month when extra cash is low! Little things like this really do make the difference!

Well good luck with these resolutions, which may or may not be yours this year! But whatever your resolutions just remember you are the only one who can really achieve your goals! Live life to the full but remember be healthy, keep fit and plan ahead!

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