Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Good Web Guide - 2010 Website of the Year Award!

Illustrate My Name has been put forward as an entrant for the 2010 Website of the Year award, this is further recognition and proof of how committed we are to our online presence.

We continue to deliver and create an easy to use shopping experience for children's personalised gifts all within our online store. We offer easy to use search buttons to find the exact gift, or trust our picks, where we select a number of our products for specific categories such as little girls gifts or christening gifts. I do hope you enjoy our site and please nominate us here for the 2010 WEBSITE OF THE YEAR.

The Good Web Guide is a comprehensive site dedicated to the best sites on the web, offering you the definitive guide to life online. The Website of the Year Award is in its second year and is aimed at small businessess and organisations. This is an excellent way for online enterprises to gain recognition and we are delighted to be an entrant for this prestigious award.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pat on the Back from The Mumpreneur Awards 2010

I am delighted to have reached the semi-final stage of The Mumpreneur Awards 2010; and would like to take this opportunity to wish all the finalists the best of luck at the forthcoming prestigious awards ceremony in September. These awards recognise the great achievements of the UK's mumpreneurs, and inspire more women into business.

The first round of judging saw 302 entries whittled down to just 8-11 entries per category, before the second round of judging took place. Only the best of the bunch were then put forward to the second round, and these were people the judging panel believed would be suitable candidates for the finals. Being chosen as one of these suitable candidates meant we performed outstanding enough to have made it through to the "semi-finals" stage.

This recognition is proof of the continuous hard work and dedication undertaken... in the words of the judging panel 'We really feel this is an achievement to be proud of.....thank you again for taking the time to enter the Mumpreneur Awards with such a fantastic entry!'

The Mumpreneur Conference 2010 is taking place on September 18th 2010 at The Heart of England Conference Centre.

Illustrate My Name continue to drive increased awareness online to the beautiful range of gifts available within our online store, everything from Personalised Christening Keepsakes, to various Children's Personalised Gifts, and soon the Christmas Personalised Gift campaign will begin (can you believe!).

Friday, July 02, 2010

Turning 30.......Pirate and Princess Style!

Anyone for Pirate Punch or Princess Pimms?

The family all dressed up!

Yummy pirate and princess cupcakes!

Theo in action as Jack Sparrow!

My cute little Max!

Girls turning 30 in style.....from Cinderella to Princess Leah!

I was dreading the big three zero! So decided I would throw myself a little party with a fun theme of Pirates and Princesses, time for the adults (and the children) to take on this popular party theme!

It was a great evening, lots of fun seeing everyone dressed up, from men coming as princesses to women as pirates, an absolute treat to have all my close family and friends around me to celebrate my 30th birthday party in style!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Orders are flying high.......and my little boy turned 5!

Apologies for not blogging for so long, but I have been so busy with sales and John Lewis orders that I cannot believe its almost the end of April! Hopefully I am back on track now and can keep you posted on recent news and what's happening with me and Illustrate My Name behind the scenes.

The picture above is from this morning, parcels all complete and waiting for the courier....... and thats just a days worth of my own orders! With a system now in place, I hope to have a little more time to dedicate to my blog, networking and developing and promoting my website. Here's hoping! This is such a challenge doing everything single handedly still!

This month has also seen my little boy Theo turn 5 , which saw my brain turn into Toy Story, Ben 10 and Star Wars for the two weeks of the Easter holidays! Obviously I enjoy all the toys, DVDs and games equally as much as Theo! Especially with Toy Story 3 on the horizon, I am like a child waiting for Christmas, I think that will just about make my 30th this year - he he!

Theo's first trip to London was on the cards this weekend just gone, where we went to see Oliver at The Theatre Royal, which was throughly enjoyed by Theo and in my own opinion 'outstanding performances by all'. We also had a very welcoming and enjoyable stay in The Westbury, we visited Ripley's Believe It Or Not!, the Covent Garden Market was great, lots of fun food tasting! and not to forget Hamleys!!!!

"The biggest toy shop in the whole white world" (theo's actual words - bless) x

We are pleased to continue to offer a great variety of Personalised Gifts for every occasion. And now well into the swing of the Christening season, we have some delightful products from wooden keepsake boxes to baby christening plaques.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Very Proud Moment For Me!

I still can't quite believe it..... my artwork range displayed within the nursery room set at John Lewis Oxford Street!

I am over the moon, thrilled and extremely proud that the artwork range fits in perfectly within the adorable room sets on display in the six chosen John Lewis flagship stores. The Princess/Fairy artwork, displayed above, looks exquisite.....and yes, I am smiling like a cheshire cat from ear to ear!

The initial response to the artwork has been very positive, which I hope will continue. I am now looking forward to seeing the artwork range within the forthcoming 'John Lewis Nursery' catalogue.... will keep you all posted. Right I better get back to illustrating these orders.....

For the ultimate in Personalised Easter Gifts, take a look at our adorable selection, from Personalised Egg Cups to beautiful Personalised Hanging Rabbits. I am sure any child (well parent) would prefer these delightful gifts to treasure, in place of the usual chocolate easter egg and sweets option!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Supplying My Artwork to John Lewis -
Britain's Favourite Retailer!

I am extremely proud to finally be able to announce that I have secured a contract to supply my own personalised artwork range to John Lewis. This is a very prestigious and exciting time for me personally and for my business. This achievement and opportunity clearly recognises my continued drive and enthusiasm towards my artwork range, and my business.

Not only is the chosen artwork range available online at
John Lewis Direct; but within the coming weeks, six of John Lewis flagship stores will feature the artwork within their nursery room sets. These chosen stores will include: Oxford Street, Kingston, Peter Jones, Trafford, Blue Water, and Edinburgh.

John Lewis have also selected my personalised artwork range to feature within their forthcoming nursery catalogue, which is due out shortly, and once again this will be a very prestigious moment for me. Having had the artwork range photographed for this, and also samples have been used for various press and media promotion, both myself and the John Lewis team are excited about this launch.

The full range of artwork designs are available from our online store,
Illustrate My Name; which continues to grow and provide customers with a one stop shop for adorable personalised children's and baby gifts.

Finally, I would like to thank the team I am working with at John Lewis for this fabulous opportunity of supplying my artwork to Britain's Favourite Retailer!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Why do we celebrate Valentines Day?

Yes once again we are counting down the days until 'Valentines Day' is upon us; the question I ask is why do we celebrate valentines, what is the real reason? The history for this day?

Saint Valentine's Day is an annual holiday on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions. The holiday is named after one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentine and was established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD. It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for one another by presenting gifts, and sending greeting cards. The holiday first became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished.

So.... there is the truth behind Valentines, and the history why we celebrate this day. I am sure the majority of you can agree to some extent, that it is yet another money grabbing opportunity which businesses do take advantage of. I am not saying this is a bad thing, for us at Illustrate My name, an opportunity to showcase a selection of unique handmade gifts to be found, which you can't find in the usual high street stores. Why not take a look at our dedicated category to the beautiful Heart Gifts we offer, perhaps this valentines, order a little something for your little ones to say 'I LOVE YOU' or even your partner!

I must admit personally, we always decide to either cook at home, or go out for a meal not on the 14th, why pay double the price at your favourite restaurant, just to get a rose and a menu printed on red card!!!!! Obviously like most women I do look forward to something romantic, whether that be flowers, chocolates or a little surprise of some kind - lets just wait and see!

One great deli locally to us is the Cornucopia Deli in Eynsham, a few years ago my husband completely bowled me over with a beautiful three course meal at home, which is obviously easier around the children, once they are tucked up in bed! He did let on straight away that he had visited our local deli, much to my surprise it was such a romantic gesture, very much appreciated with some nice wine to accompany it. The food comes all prepared with cooking/heating guidelines, so absolutly anyone can make this into a gourmet delight! Especially busy mums and people busy with work - a nice enjoyable treat, check out your local deli, I am sure you will admit its worth a try!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Children's Personalised Gifts from
Illustrate My Name

Whether its a naming ceremony, baptism, first birthday, christening or the arrival of a newborn baby, the possibilities for sharing our gifts are endless. Illustrate My Name bring together a beautiful range of personalised gifts,all in one place to shop online or over the telephone (01993 882399), making it as easy as possible for you to find that perfect gift.

Our gifts range for children of all ages; from our Newborn Baby Plaques to our trendy Personalised Canvas Bags, plus we are constantly bringing you new products. This month sees the arrival of these beautiful Initial Hanging Letters (pictured below), handmade in the UK and already becoming a very popular seller.

Monday, January 04, 2010

My New Nephew Eddie x

I am over the moon and delighted at the arrival of my beautiful nephew Eddie Jack Thomas, who has landed himself with a great birthday arriving with us on New Years Eve!

Little Eddie weighed 7lbs 10oz and is simply adorable! Now how can I have decided on a perfect gift..... well that was easy for me, as I illustrated him a beautiful personalised picture and placed it in his nursery for when he arrived home!

As 2010 begins for Illustrate My Name, I am personally very excited that I can announce some exciting news in February for myself and my own illustrations!!!! On top of this will see our first catalogue being published by March/April 2010 in time for the ever popular christening season. The catalogue will bring together a selection of our gifts, showcased in one beautiful booklet, designed all by myself.

We are really looking forward to a very productive year and will continue to keep our followers updated on what is going on 'behind the scenes', here at Illustrate My Name.

For all your personalised gifts and new baby gifts, look no further than Illustrate My Name, where we are constantly adding new and exciting gifts and treats for children of all ages.
Baby Christening Gifts, Newborn Baby Gifts, Children's 1st Birthday Presents, Naming Day Gifts, Unique Personalised Gifts for any Occasion for all the Little Boys and Little Girls in your life!