Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kind Words of Thank You!

Its very important to maintain a quality image amongst our customers, thats why when we are personally thanked it really does make our day!

Margaret Paterson recently sent this thank you card above to us, which we would like to share with you her kind words in regards to her recent purchase.

'Dear Jodie, Just a little note to say thank you for the beautiful frame you made for our Goddaughter Sophia - we are delighted with it. Having shown it to many friends, I'm sure you will be kept busy over the years. Thanks again Margaret Paterson P.S It arrived at 7.30am Sat morning - fab service!!'

Please visit to see how we can produce a personalised gift for you.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Christening Gift Ideas - For Godparents to be!

Christening- Baptism - Naming Day

Whatever the occassion there are various gifts you could choose from, here are some ideas to make your gift extra special! We all search endlessly, and admitedly leave it till the last minute:
What is the best gift to celebrate the child's birth and life?

Some things to consider:

1. We strive for a gift which can be cherished, treasured and will remain with the child as they grow. Although special, its becomming more common that gone are the days of silver this and that, most of it ends up in a box until the child is older and then is shown its christening gifts. What child as it grows up wants silver money boxes and silver birth certificate holders on their shelves? Instead we need to consider something which will be able to last a little longer and perhaps not age! As does so many of the 'silver' christening gifts in our shops today.

2. Nowadays parents are much more conscious about their baby/childs bedroom/nursery, the way they decorate will depend on their chosen theme. Princesses, Nautical, Neutrals, the list goes on, bear in mind you may buy something you feel will look nice, but it could well stick out like a sore thumb their chosen theme. Perhaps ask the parents what their theme is, at least then you can buy something that will be perfect for them!

3. Personalised gifts seem to be major sellers now for christening, naming day and baptism celebrations. Search for a gift that will be personalised but still bear in mind the factors above. Something contemporary, and stylish, something that will last! There are so many products which are personalised but so 'tacky' and surely its better to buy something that will make the parents smile than say, "that can go in the loft!"

4. Once you have the perfect gift, add that extra special touch by making your own card! We all say it, and then time becomes the better of us and we rush down the shop and buy a 'normal' card! It really doesn't take that long to perhaps print a small picture of the child, black and white always look real stylish for something like this and place it on a card, with perhaps a ribbon or some words like below:

'I am so very special, I have been from the start. Before they held me in their arms, my family held me in their hearts. And like a single drop of rain that on still waters fall, my life and love will ripple, make and touch the lives of all.'

Just search the web and find something, type in christening poems or rhymes, its so simple but so special for the parents and the child when it grows to read and see what effort you made!

5. The quickest and easiest answer to all the above, let do the work, not only do we hold a christening theme, featuring intricately illustrated bibles, crosses, doves and baby booties, we also have various other themes to suit the child you are buying for from princesses/faires through to toys & games! Visit us see how we can answer all the above in one perfect gift!

Remember its a celebration of life, make sure YOUR gift is a celebration in itself!

Friday, May 18, 2007


Children's Invitations, Christening Invitations, Thank You Cards and Baby Announcements now available online at

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Get that Beautiful Summer Look! EARLY

With the warm weather approaching fast, and the thought of shorts and vest tops appearing out of the closet, its time to do a few quick things to perk up the way you look and feel, get that sunkissed feeling NOW!

1) EXFOLIATE - Make sure you do a full body exfoliation, best once a week, but if not time, then once a month should be fine. Get a body scrub pack and spend some time pampering yourself, get your partner or close friend to do your back, its important you don't forget that. Once exfoliated, use some extra special body cream to really make you feel special.

2) SPOIL YOURSELF - Pedicure and Manicure! Either go and book some time in at a local beautician or spend some time giving yourself a proper Ped and Man! In the summer people see more of our feet, so nice to have them all healthy and well looking!

3) WATER - Drink pleanty of water, this is vital all year round, but the hotter the weather you will dehydrate quicker and its great for your skin, nails and every part of you!

4) LOOSE WEIGHT - Make sure you diet is a healthly planned one. Summer is the best time to shed some weight. As our appetites are not the greatest when the weather is warmer, spend time preparing some extra yummy salads, even with BBQ season already upon us, prawns on skewers, or salmon steak in foil! Add some lemon, chilli, coriander and pepper and you have a yummy dish! Much better than a burger or sausage! Its very important you have 3 substantial meals a day, with pleanty of fruit and veg! You are more likely to loose weight eating 3 healthy meals, than missing meals here and there.

5) SUNKISSED LOOK - Its easy to get that sunkissed beautiful tan if your lucky enough to be travelling abroad, or have pleanty of time to sun yourself! Not that I would encourage too much sunbathing, as its bad for you skin and aging! BUT for those of you like me, who don't have time to spend sunning yourself, then just do the next best thing. Splash out on some holiday skin products, Johnson's Holiday Skin is the best for my skin colour, it builds up a gradual SAFE tan, that doesn't look like its out the bottle! But remeber to wash your hands throughly, you don't want streaky hands! I will say this product has never left my body with streaks! So 10/10

6) TAKE CARE - Make sure you have fun in the sun, but always take care and always apply sun tan lotion everyday, especially to your face, nose and ears, these areas are constantly in the sun so be careful. And remember the higher the factor the safer you are, it doesn't affect your body's tanning process, just protects you for longer!

7) ENJOY - Whether you have kids or not make sure your outside enjoying the sunshine, its great for a mental boost and physically, you will notice how much more awake and fresher you feel from being in the fresh air.
Oh and if summer babies are due or birthdays are coming up, whatever time of the year, has the ideal personalised gift!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

COMING SOON - Invitations, Birth Announcement Cards and Thank You Cards!

Please keep an eye out for new product range of Birth Announcements, Invitations and Thank You Cards!

Square contemporary invitations/cards which will be available in packs of 10 for £4.99!

For now, if your searching for a something different for a new baby, christening, birthday gift, then try for our personalised product range!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Illustrate My Name News!

Its always nice to keep customers and viewers updated of recent news. As Spring is upon us and we reach April already, with the sun shining for what was a record Easter, its nice for us to announce our recent partnerships with a number of online mail order shops!

We partnered our product to Aspen and Brown back in February this year and continue to have a successful working relationship with them! Check out their great range of products, such as gifts, kids stuff and home ranges online at

We are also featured on Bundles of Joy, which went online back in March this year. They provide great gifts for any occassion! Please take a look at

Are framed illustrations are due to be featured on both and within the next week, so please keep an eye out and check out their fantastic range of children's interiors and gifts!
We continue to deliver the best personalised gift of all at, from a christening gift, to a new baby gift, we cater for all! Enjoy the sunshine

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Year! New You!

Tips to help you achieve your resolutions

As 2007 dawns upon us, so does the thoughts and aspirations of a new you! Whether your resolutions are to lose weight, get fit, or simply change your lifestyle here are some simple easy steps to helping you to stay on track!

1. Losing Weight: Join a weight loss club, the enthusiasm and motivation you gain from others around you will really help your self-confidence and goals! My friends and I, after having our children, all joined as a group, made it a night out, weighed in, and then had a drink somewhere, something healthy of course! And always gave one another goals, like who would lose more the week after. Existing friends and new friends will help you in your battle to lose a few pounds or more!

2. Getting Fit: Even if its a simple stroll or walk, make an effort to do something physical a few times a week, either meet a friend for a walk or jog, or even a game of something, I must admit I find a bit of competition gives me more motivation to do something. Badminton is good as its fun and physical, but you can take it easy too! Go on go book a badminton court for you and a friend, or you and your partner! New mums out there why not go on lots of buggy walks and check out your local buggy clubs they are great for exercise and meeting new people in your area!

3. Lifestyle Changes: Quit smoking, cut back on alcohol, control your finances..... all the things which will change you and your lifestyle, even if its not something people can see its what’s inside that counts. You are the only person who can achieve lifestyle changes, make plans of how and when you will change things, its hard for me to give advice on smoking as I never have smoked, but from seeing my father recently quit, its been 8 months now, I reckon anybody can if you put your heart to it!

If its alcohol, just limit yourself to no alcohol in the week and a few at the weekends, I know how easy it is to get home from a hard day at work or a hard day with the children and open a bottle of wine, but again its just controlling it! There are some great healthy teas out there now, which are good for your body and also will make you feel better the next day, a lot fresher and brighter than after a few glasses of wine!

We all promise to sort our finances out, save money or cut back on the clothes and accessories, but just plan ahead and be in control, whether its you or your partner who controls your finances, just make sure you have your month by month planned, whether you have meals out, or weekends away, or just peoples birthdays, at least then you can work out extra expenses and where you can cut back! One great idea whilst the sales are still in town, grab some great bargains for presents for people, or just buy well in advance rather than leaving things to the last minute, or end of month when extra cash is low! Little things like this really do make the difference!

Well good luck with these resolutions, which may or may not be yours this year! But whatever your resolutions just remember you are the only one who can really achieve your goals! Live life to the full but remember be healthy, keep fit and plan ahead!

If you are lucky enough to have had a new arrival in your family at the beginning of 2007, why not check out the personalised baby gifts available at

Bye for Now