Friday, May 18, 2007


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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Get that Beautiful Summer Look! EARLY

With the warm weather approaching fast, and the thought of shorts and vest tops appearing out of the closet, its time to do a few quick things to perk up the way you look and feel, get that sunkissed feeling NOW!

1) EXFOLIATE - Make sure you do a full body exfoliation, best once a week, but if not time, then once a month should be fine. Get a body scrub pack and spend some time pampering yourself, get your partner or close friend to do your back, its important you don't forget that. Once exfoliated, use some extra special body cream to really make you feel special.

2) SPOIL YOURSELF - Pedicure and Manicure! Either go and book some time in at a local beautician or spend some time giving yourself a proper Ped and Man! In the summer people see more of our feet, so nice to have them all healthy and well looking!

3) WATER - Drink pleanty of water, this is vital all year round, but the hotter the weather you will dehydrate quicker and its great for your skin, nails and every part of you!

4) LOOSE WEIGHT - Make sure you diet is a healthly planned one. Summer is the best time to shed some weight. As our appetites are not the greatest when the weather is warmer, spend time preparing some extra yummy salads, even with BBQ season already upon us, prawns on skewers, or salmon steak in foil! Add some lemon, chilli, coriander and pepper and you have a yummy dish! Much better than a burger or sausage! Its very important you have 3 substantial meals a day, with pleanty of fruit and veg! You are more likely to loose weight eating 3 healthy meals, than missing meals here and there.

5) SUNKISSED LOOK - Its easy to get that sunkissed beautiful tan if your lucky enough to be travelling abroad, or have pleanty of time to sun yourself! Not that I would encourage too much sunbathing, as its bad for you skin and aging! BUT for those of you like me, who don't have time to spend sunning yourself, then just do the next best thing. Splash out on some holiday skin products, Johnson's Holiday Skin is the best for my skin colour, it builds up a gradual SAFE tan, that doesn't look like its out the bottle! But remeber to wash your hands throughly, you don't want streaky hands! I will say this product has never left my body with streaks! So 10/10

6) TAKE CARE - Make sure you have fun in the sun, but always take care and always apply sun tan lotion everyday, especially to your face, nose and ears, these areas are constantly in the sun so be careful. And remember the higher the factor the safer you are, it doesn't affect your body's tanning process, just protects you for longer!

7) ENJOY - Whether you have kids or not make sure your outside enjoying the sunshine, its great for a mental boost and physically, you will notice how much more awake and fresher you feel from being in the fresh air.
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