Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trick or Treat Memories & Halloween Personalised Gifts

Not everyone will enjoy the spooky part of October, but as a child my memories are still very well remembered! From trick or treating in the dark with friends, then coming home to hot dogs and treats, whilst counting out the sweets and treats we had managed to get from our neighbours. Obviously in this day in age its very apparent that it is becoming more unsafe and not liked to actually go trick or treating. Our village will put a pumpkin outside if they want to participate, so at least the children can go to some homes! Its a bit disappointing for us though in a village with no street lights, we don't have any visitors down our lane, but there is a close in the village where the torch lights and pumpkins can be seen!

I believe the fun is to have a small get together (well for the children), ask them to invite a few friends, or family round and do some yummy halloween treats, not forgetting decorating the house a little with spooky spider webs and lots of candles (up high if your children are young). And seen as though this Halloween 2009 falls on a Saturday, all the more reason to have a little party! Then when the children are tucked up, get a scary movie on, with some nice nibbles and wine and have a scream!!!!

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