Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Personalised Easter Bunnies are a great Children's Easter Gift! 
Soon to be featured at Illustrate My Name, what a beautiful substitute to the traditional Easter Egg! Its so evident that we are trying to gear our children away from eating too much of the wrong foods, too many chocolate and sweets just are not right, not the best easter gift and surely something we need to change when thinking of Easter Gifts for children?!?!?

The future we may have found - this beautiful easter bunny, personalised with your child's name, available in pink or neutral, is a must have! Visit us soon to purchase yours!
The Very Best Children's Personalised Gifts - Where are they?

Adorable Lavender Name Stars just £23.00 - Coming Soon! 

I think from being in the business now for over 3 years, its apparent that there is a lot of personalised gifts and products available which are flooding the market; products which are appearing on every website going. Its a real shame that such adorable products are appearing everywhere online! This is making certain products less appealing to people looking for that 'different' gift, a gift which will impress! 

The question is 'I want to find something that isn't on the high street, on the average baby/children's store; something that really has that 'wow' factor, can you help?' 

Its also clear in the current economic climate that people also seek affordable gifts, and although we have recently launched a 'Premium Gifts' section (which has been put in place due to customer demand for something to impress!), we do also have a great range of gifts for Under £20 or within this reasonable price range! 

Here at Illustrate My Name we will answer all your needs, we are passionate about maintaining a baby and children's store of superb quality, of which the majority of our products are hand-made in the UK by mummy's like myself. 

I began Illustrate My Name specialising in just my own Illustrated Name Art, now my site has an adorable range of products for any occasion! I remember first being approached by an online store wanting to stock my product, it really was fulfilling to get approached like this, and now I am the one approaching people who are producing personalised products of the same intricacy and appeal to sit alongside my very own product at Illustrate My Name

We are keen to hear feedback from customers, visitors to our store and any one who has any comments about what we are offering, what you would like to see. We really do take our customers comments in to account, and we do hope you will visit us soon! Especially if someone special has just entered the world ..... a new baby needs something to Treasure

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Alternative Therapies for Jade Goody

The recent media coverage over Jade Goody's condition really brings to life the faith that individuals can have in alternative medicine and therapies. I am a true believer in anything natural and alternative, having had experience of being treated by these means for problems such as back problems after labour and panic attacks; it really is a breath of fresh air to recently read that Jade has been taking this route in her stages of such an awful illness. Even if to extend a persons life expectancy when suffering from cancer, or give the person hope, natural means sometimes can help your body fight and recover better than anything.

Acupuncture, osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy are just some of the many natural routes you will find at a natural healthcare clinic. These means focus on major parts of your body to help fight certain conditions and illnesses. Its believed children with hyper activity problems and cerebral palsy have benefited from cranio sacral. 

I must admit my heart goes out to Jade Goody and her family, I think every mother, and women of her age will sit and feel so much for what they are all going through. Being a mummy to my two children really brings to life how precious life is. 

Why not treat your little one to an adorable gift from my website, not for any reason just to spoil your precious little ones:

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