Friday, July 06, 2007

Christening Gift Ideas - For Godparents to be!

Christening- Baptism - Naming Day

Whatever the occassion there are various gifts you could choose from, here are some ideas to make your gift extra special! We all search endlessly, and admitedly leave it till the last minute:
What is the best gift to celebrate the child's birth and life?

Some things to consider:

1. We strive for a gift which can be cherished, treasured and will remain with the child as they grow. Although special, its becomming more common that gone are the days of silver this and that, most of it ends up in a box until the child is older and then is shown its christening gifts. What child as it grows up wants silver money boxes and silver birth certificate holders on their shelves? Instead we need to consider something which will be able to last a little longer and perhaps not age! As does so many of the 'silver' christening gifts in our shops today.

2. Nowadays parents are much more conscious about their baby/childs bedroom/nursery, the way they decorate will depend on their chosen theme. Princesses, Nautical, Neutrals, the list goes on, bear in mind you may buy something you feel will look nice, but it could well stick out like a sore thumb their chosen theme. Perhaps ask the parents what their theme is, at least then you can buy something that will be perfect for them!

3. Personalised gifts seem to be major sellers now for christening, naming day and baptism celebrations. Search for a gift that will be personalised but still bear in mind the factors above. Something contemporary, and stylish, something that will last! There are so many products which are personalised but so 'tacky' and surely its better to buy something that will make the parents smile than say, "that can go in the loft!"

4. Once you have the perfect gift, add that extra special touch by making your own card! We all say it, and then time becomes the better of us and we rush down the shop and buy a 'normal' card! It really doesn't take that long to perhaps print a small picture of the child, black and white always look real stylish for something like this and place it on a card, with perhaps a ribbon or some words like below:

'I am so very special, I have been from the start. Before they held me in their arms, my family held me in their hearts. And like a single drop of rain that on still waters fall, my life and love will ripple, make and touch the lives of all.'

Just search the web and find something, type in christening poems or rhymes, its so simple but so special for the parents and the child when it grows to read and see what effort you made!

5. The quickest and easiest answer to all the above, let do the work, not only do we hold a christening theme, featuring intricately illustrated bibles, crosses, doves and baby booties, we also have various other themes to suit the child you are buying for from princesses/faires through to toys & games! Visit us see how we can answer all the above in one perfect gift!

Remember its a celebration of life, make sure YOUR gift is a celebration in itself!

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