Thursday, March 05, 2009

Alternative Therapies for Jade Goody

The recent media coverage over Jade Goody's condition really brings to life the faith that individuals can have in alternative medicine and therapies. I am a true believer in anything natural and alternative, having had experience of being treated by these means for problems such as back problems after labour and panic attacks; it really is a breath of fresh air to recently read that Jade has been taking this route in her stages of such an awful illness. Even if to extend a persons life expectancy when suffering from cancer, or give the person hope, natural means sometimes can help your body fight and recover better than anything.

Acupuncture, osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy are just some of the many natural routes you will find at a natural healthcare clinic. These means focus on major parts of your body to help fight certain conditions and illnesses. Its believed children with hyper activity problems and cerebral palsy have benefited from cranio sacral. 

I must admit my heart goes out to Jade Goody and her family, I think every mother, and women of her age will sit and feel so much for what they are all going through. Being a mummy to my two children really brings to life how precious life is. 

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