Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't you just LOVE these Personalised Christmas Sacks!

Only 64 Days to Go......

A very very talented individual makes these adorable Personalised Christmas Sacks for us at Illustrate My Name. Tailored for the whole family, such a perfect final touch under the Christmas tree this year! Get the children one each and even personalise them with 'Mummy' and 'Daddy'! They will be bought out year after year and really beat the plastic ones I had as a child! Although saying that they did still get bought out year after year but I think a fabric sack such as this has been so lovingly made and will be lovingly cherished by the owner, no matter what age you are x

They really are my favourite Christmas Gift we are offering; in saying that just take a look at the entire Christmas Gifts Range, which is constantly being added too, I am sure you will find something you just can't resist ...... Stockings,Keepsakes, Santa Arrows, Personalised Dressing Gowns, Hearts, Hearts and more Hearts!

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