Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Not long to go now, is everyone ready?

Every year I say to myself, I will be prepared early! But Christmas always creeps up on me and before I know it, its Christmas Eve and I still have presents to buy, food to prepare! I am sat here today even with a list as long as my arm of what I still need to buy, cards I still need to write! How about a simple essentials checklist to make sure the small touches are not forgotten! And you still have 4 days to go, so I suppose you could say we are slightly in the lead this year!

This list will add to the magic to put a smile on everyone’s faces!

1. Make your own Table Cards, just simply make some cards on the computer with the name of the guest, little clipart pictures, or their photo on and then on the reverse a joke perhaps! Always a nice personal touch for your Christmas table!

2. Make sure the camera and camcorders are fully charged and close to hand on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Before you know it you will have all eaten your Christmas dinner and no photos will have been snapped, make sure you ask a member of the family to do some pics, you will be too busy with the food, drinks etc!

3. Music, don't forget that essential Christmas music to be on in the background, we all like a bit of Wham and Mariah to get us in the Christmas spirit! Either get the CD ready or download on to your IPOD well in advance!

4. Pre-Christmas Tidy Up! We all do it, have a 'spring clean' just before, make room for presents etc, make sure your ready and tidy for guests, well do this the day before Christmas Eve (Sat 23rd), then it won't take away any of the magic on the Eve before Christmas! In fact I started doing some cleaning just last night!

5. Magic Touches for the children - Don’t' forget the ringing of the bells when they are in bed! Also the hoof prints in the lawn, and please don't forget to nibble the mince pie left for Santa! Although you never know he may do all that himself!!!!!!

6. I know it sounds silly but bear in mind everyone is using their oven at the same time and although marginal it may effect the oven's performance (very slightly), just make sure your checking things regularly! Keep a close eye on the roasties!

7. FINAL point, make a list of when you’re cooking everything and where, in what way, order, it makes it so much easier, especially if you’re a virgin to Christmas Dinner cooking like me!

LASTLY, enjoy the festivities and remember to tell the world after Christmas about your experiences, I am sure you will all hear about mine!

Don't forget for any special arrivals in your family, you may want to buy a special gift from, something that can be treasured for years!

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