Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Magic of Christmas!

Do you believe? I certainly do, I believe in the magic, and all that goes with it! I remember as a child, I was a little scared of the big man, me and my sister used to lie in bed whispering "is it him" over and over again, any slight sound would make us hide under our quilts, but with excitement and apprehension combined!

I think nowadays children grow up far too quickly and become wise to what they think isn’t real! When deep down if you truly believe it will always be magical. Now that I have a son and the magic for him is just beginning it brings back all those wonderful memories of how special Christmas is, not just for the magic and the presents but the real reason!

I think we all get consumed by the massive media explosion of Christmas that the little things like why are we celebrating and what’s so special about Christmas can be lost, especially in children! I recall my parents reading me The Nativity Story as a child and watching animations of Baby Jesus and understanding, whereas I really do think this has been lost in recent years. Its only now that I want to educate my son about the magic, but also the real reason we celebrate, and that its not just about presents!

Remember to look up to the stars on December 24th and truly remember why we are all here celebrating!

Everyone has their own beliefs, and that’s what makes each of us individual, I just hope a little bit of my belief will be handed down to my Son and then his children in future years, I really do hope the true magic of Christmas doesn’t fade away like so many things nowadays!

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Just remember, things are never as special to those who don’t believe in the magic! Enjoy

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