Saturday, November 25, 2006

Are your children watching too much TV?

Having a 20 month old son, I am beginning to get slightly concerned he may be turning into a television addict! I have read numerous reports on TV and the effects of this on family interaction and dominating family situations which in this day in age is becoming more evident.

Communication is a strong factor in childhood and parenthood, children learn there first verbal skills at home and if there is a strong presence of TV then this may effect the concentration levels your child develops as he/she grows. Not to mention the advertising and images they are exposed too.

My son seems obsessed with Disney/Pixar films, its one after the other he will request, whether its Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc or Toy Story, he has already become engrossed in them at such an early age! It was only the other day I came in to the living room to find him hiding behind the sofa at the beginning of Monster Inc! It made me think I need to introduce some TV control!

Where are the days when families used to play board games together or the days when TV was a luxury, nowadays it's a common denominator in any household. Praise does go to a number of kid's television channels, in the UK especially, CBeebies is fantastic and very educational, programmes such as Number Jacks and Razzledazzle are just a handful of great programmes for your children.

Most sensible households will acquire a delicate balance between watching TV and interacting, playing, and exploring with the family. I think the more we understand TVis an issue the more families will become aware of the consequences. Little things like, no TV when you eat as a family, so that communication isn't lost, an hour of TV a day during holidays, make sure your children get outside as much as possible and enjoy outdoor activities, rather than becoming sofa babies so young! It's better to start the control of this at an early age, once they can argue with you, these times will become more difficult and demanding.

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