Friday, May 08, 2009

Are you an Adventurer or Not!

I think we all have some kind of an adventurer in us, whether you are the kind to travel somewhere different and go on a simple adventure walk, or thinking back to some child hood books I read about amazing adventures, do you tend to try and find hidden places and remember the great adventure films like the infamous GOONIES!

Even now when we go away I play games with my son about being on an adventure, and having boys its always makes them smile, especially if we find things, my son was really into the WATER HORSE last year so when down by the coast near a rock pool, we found an egg shaped rock, well we kept it for a week in a bucket of water, as he was convinced he had found CRUSO! Bless him, we had to pretend he had hatched and gone back to the sea! Its great having Children, seeing the world through their eyes is the most fascinating thing to ever happen to me x

This link below is just a bit of fun! Honestly I know its a bit crazy really, I never usually have a go at these things, but worth a few seconds out to see if in an adventure scenario, who would you be like!!! It made me laugh :o)

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