Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action........

Its really nice when our suppliers decide to take the time to commission photo shoots for their products, recently one of our suppliers has taken the time to picture their products in some great lifestyle shots! I think this pictured 'B' was probably the order I placed at Christmas time for a customer who just fell in love instantly with them and the lovely choice of fabrics! 

Our beautiful Letter Cushions are a huge hit, and are the first product I added to Illustrate My Name alongside my very own back in 2007.  They were my inspiration that out there were many talented individuals and businesses who could add to the delightful gifts on offer to our customers. Ranging from Little Hanging Letters to Giant Letters, they really make an impression, I love them so much I have bought them for lots of little people. I am also just about to order the Luxury Letter Cushions for mine and my husbands new bedroom! Look below, what a statement! I just cannot resist! 

For all the very best for your children's bedrooms, or even your own! Visit our ever growing range at Illustrate My Name.

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