Sunday, May 10, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

After a beautiful day and the sun being so very kind to us in Oxfordshire, the question I am asking you all is.....How does your garden grow???

Whether you are green fingers mad or not, it was only last year when I was pregnant with Max that I really got the itch to make my garden somewhere I was proud of, well if only for the summer months!! I am still learning, with lots of help from family, who have given me cuttings and helped with showing me and telling me what works and what doesn't, much better than reading a book, you get to appreciate your garden and spend time with family who teach you something, its never too late to learn! 

Also a very special moment for me earlier this year was when my late Grandma's tree, which my Granded asked me to have in my garden, decided to bloom.  I had a tear in my eye when I first saw it, I do believe my Grandma is watching me and it was so beautiful, no wonder it was her favourtie, I am still trying to find out what its called, will upload a photo soon, see if anyone knows.  I am so lucky to have something that is so special in my garden, not to mention our beautiful Wedding Cake Tree which my Mother in Law bought my Husband and I as a wedding gift back in 2004! It has not only travelled to 3 different houses, it now resides in a beautiful spot outside my kitchen window! Adorable, and very special, reminding us of our special day!

This afternoon I felt it about time, as I have been slacking with the garden, to get down to the roots! So the gardening boots came out, my beautiful shabby gardening gloves (what I would do without them) made a spectacular appearance, and I seriously got down to the weeding! And don't I know it now (back is aching!), after an afternoon of trying to weed, around my boys either wanting mummy or trying to join in, I feel I have achieved something and now its time to hit the garden centers tomorrow for some inspiration! 

Don't get me wrong there is nothing established about my garden, but its growing and as with everything in life, it has to start somewhere, just like Illustrate My Name did for me back in 2006, when I started believing in myself to make a success of my own business working around my first child, and now 3 years on with 2 children, I am so thrilled to offer a great children's boutique, offering an array of personalised children's and baby gifts to the entire world. Only last week I sent products to Malta and Australia!

Please enjoy the gifts and treats, as well as my BLOG! I enjoy bringing a personal touch to Illustrate My Name!  So wake up tomorrow and enjoy the garden, I do believe the weather is going to stay for a little while!

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