Saturday, May 23, 2009

CHOCOLATE PIZZA! Yes I am being Serious!

After spending the morning at the Taste of Summer Event at Blenhiem Palace, I walked away with one amazing find!
The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, everyone should take a look, what an amazing gift for someone, or centre piece for a party, making a delicious and striking pudding for your guests. We took just one slice away and my son, niece and nephew enjoyed it very much for pudding today. I will be going back for more soon, as they deliver nationwide and come in amazing authentic pizza boxes, large or small. Genius idea, putting a great big smile on all you chocolate lovers faces mmmmmm! 

Everything from Heavenly Honeycomb to Raspberrymac - Loads to choose from!

For all your children's gifts and personalised gifts to treasure, Illustrate My Name has lots to choose from and lots more coming soon. Enjoy your Bank Holiday Weekend x 

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