Thursday, April 09, 2009

Christening Season is Here!

With Spring in the air here at Illustrate My Name, it puts a smile on our faces to know that the most popular times for christenings has arrived! From now until late September there is an evident trend that people decide to have their child's christenings, its always nicer when the sun is shining, or should we say when we expect the sun to be shining and garden parties and outside parties are becoming more popular. Within this extensive marketplace we love bringing beautiful Personalised Christenings Gifts to your fingertips! 

Having been trading now for over 3 years,  we have seen a common trend in sales for Christenings between these months. What with the current financial climate on top of us all, we are becoming more and more selective of what we spend our pennies on! Thats why we pride ourselves with bringing to you such a wide selection of gifts handmade in the UK by talented individuals and businesses selling through our site. Some of which start at only £10 so something for everybody's pocket in these difficult times.

Not to mention as an individual, I myself began Illustrate My Name from illustrating a piece of art for my son's nursery, 3 years on my very own Illustrated Framed Names are our biggest seller and very well received by our customers. This is why we have been searching for something else for our customers, something that doesn't cost anything, is absolutely free and also lots and lots of fun.....I had the idea back in 2006 but as you can imagine, running the business, bringing up my son, then having my second son and not to mention all the other things.......

So now we are delighted to be working on a new BABY NAME GENERATOR APPLICATION which will soon be available to use within our site. You will be able to search the alphabet for any name and find out the meaning of the name and the country of origin. Its will be something nice for 'mums to be' when looking for some different or unusual names and also for all of us with little ones already. Although lots of these generators are on offer on the web, at least we will be a one stop shop to use applications such as this and also buy beautiful gifts, so we really hope you will continue coming back to see what we can offer you.

The amount of people who don't even know what their own name means! Are you one of them? Well soon we will have this great application for you to come and use, and of course tell your friends about! You will be able to search our database and find almost any name! Please bear with us we will keep you posted, it will arrive soon :o)

With Easter here I must get back to my beautiful boys, come back soon.

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