Monday, April 06, 2009

DAY FIVE - Personalised Children's Bunting

Half way there on bringing to you the Top Ten gift ideas for personalised gifts for children and babies! Today's feature is Personalised Bunting, from letter bunting to beautiful hand knitted bunting, there are so many types of personalised bunting out there to choose from. Not just your ordinary bunting from high street stores, but lets find something unique and different that cannot be found everywhere. 

Add that extra special touch to any child's bedroom or playroom, or even a great piece to use in the garden when entertaining for someone's birthday (pictured above). With some adorable bunting handmade in the UK you can't go wrong. Why not be creative and give it a go by making your own!

The Easiest Way to Make Fabric Bunting
You can make fabric bunting using scraps of left over fabric, perhaps some adorable pieces of your children's old clothes (recycling stuff you would usually throw away) or an alternative is cheap cotton sheeting - a small amount really goes a long way if cut very carefully! For lasting bunting use pinking shears to cut out your triangles, then either use the drinking straw sewing method or sew a simple channel in the top of each flag.  An easy to make guide can be found here.

or Get Creative with Knitting
Enjoy some creative time and perhaps if you have younger children you can teach them to knit, I remember so well my grandma teaching me and I still know how, its a special memory of mine! If you can knit then help your little one knit some little triangles and neatly piece together with some wool. Some lovely handmade knitted bunting all made by yourself to give as an easter gift or birthday gift for anybody to keep. We have an adorable range to offer but also believe its fun to get creative and have a go yourself, like I said a memory of mine that will never be forgotten, give your little ones some 'making' memories to cherish.

Our Personalised Knitted Bunting range as seen below really is delighful if you want to impress. 
Please visit us tomorrow for another entry into the TOP TEN personalised gifts for children and babies. As well as bringing to you adorable gifts, as an illustrator and designer I love bringing you ideas and simple ways to make beautiful things, with a personalised touch! During the easter holidays we all need some creative ideas so keep coming back for more.

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