Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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I think I could honestly change my son's bedrooms every month, there is so many lovely themes and ideas out there. I am glad with my first son we opted for the traditional nautical theme, now 4 years on, its still all in keeping with him, he hasn't outgrown it at all, so thats one good thing for the pocket, especially if you spend a bit more on the bedding which we did from Laura Ashley, its still in great condition. 

He absolutely loves the little paper boat bunting hung around his wardrobe, not to mention some lovely keepsakes I have picked up from maritime museums and gifts shop down by the coast. Beautiful lighthouses, boats and ropes to complete the look. Just perfect like him!

I always say its great to go for off-white or pure white walls, with either a boy or a girl, then you can go totally mad with the extras you add to the room. Adding special things that are important to your child, like photographs, personalised items (great to get them recognising their name) and even their own choice of poster, I have given in to the Dr Who and Ben 10 poster, on the back of the door is my trick! Oh how mean am I! He he

My youngest who is now 8 months is still waiting for his room to be complete, due to having an extension and him being moved around a bit, we wanted to wait till everything was complete before making his room a real adorable place to be! I have gone for a more contemporary look, lots of bright/vintage looking bits against off-white walls. His bedding is my favorite of all, the Cath Kidston mini cowboy range! Not to mention the fabulous alphabet wall art stickers which are bright and funky, and some little extras I have picked up like 'laugh' hooks (above), vintage disney pictures framed, everything of which is all ready to put in place, just once the extension is complete! Not long now Maxie!

I haven't had the luck of being able to decorate or even think about a little girl's room! I suppose thats where I compensate with my business, as I love all things pink for little girls and their rooms, so I like to make sure my range has something for everyones taste and various themes. Only yesterday a customer requested she didn't like pink for her daughter, so she went for my very own Silhouette Art in lilac and purples, I really believe in offering options and different colour choices to suit your child's bedroom or playroom, so always ask if there is something you can't find or see within our range. 

If your little girl likes princesses, fairies or even toys! And your son is dinosaur mad, we have so many themes and adorable interior extras which are the perfect little extras for any child's room! 

Enjoy browsing the full range at Illustrate My Name.

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