Sunday, April 05, 2009

DAY FOUR of the Best Personalised Gifts for Children and Babies!

Its a real quick one today as I have lots of preparing to do for my little one's 4th birthday next week, how time flies by! It was 3 years ago now when Illustrate My Name was started by myself and now my little boy is turning 4, a moment of inspiration for some art for his bedroom and now 3 years on we are bringing to you an array of personalised children's gifts as well as our exclusive Illustrated Name Art produced by my very own hand.

So today our feature is Personalised Children's Ceramics, why not take your child out for the morning or afternoon to a ceramic centre in your local area and have fun some and come away with a beautiful ceramic piece to keep! We will soon be bringing personalised 'Exclusive' ceramics to our site but until then have some fun with your little ones! Its easter so go and paint beautiful egg cups or duck ceramics and give as gifts to your family, what more could someone receive than something handmade from their grandchild or child! 

Come back tomorrow for DAY FIVE of our TOP TEN personalised baby gifts and personalised children's gifts!

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