Monday, April 27, 2009

Customers can say the nicest things!

I am so busy moving Illustrate My Name into my new studio tonight, so only time for a quick blog. Are you a working from home mum? Are you working from home around your children? I am indeed an official mummy working from home, and although very hard at times, I try and enjoy it as much as I can. I think one fond memory will be when I first went into labour with Max back in August last year, I was actually processing orders on my iPhone as we drove to the hospital - nothing like a working mum my husband said!

And there I was today working from home for just an hour, around my two little ones and I had the pleasure of receiving a lovely email from Amanda Wring: "Hello, Firstly what a superb website full of many lovely goodies!!! I can feel a real spending spree coming on!!! " 

Amanda Wring who is from Bristol, emailed me today and then we went on to talk on the telephone, it was comical and the usual story, the minute I decide to pick the phone up, my two boys decide to cause chaos! Amanda totally understood, as I was so apologetic that there was commotion in the background, she went onto tell me she is also a working mum and said I think most mums these days are working from home around the children. Thanks Amanda for being so understanding and shopping with us today. She went onto email me this evening, which bought a smile to my face:

"I will pass your website about amongst all my friends. Many thanks and please do not worry about being a working mummy, its better than you having to be stuck in an office block all day - its nice you create and source such lovely things to sell, well done you! You should give yourself a big, pat on your back you know! Take Care and I look forward to receiving the gifts for my son"

As well as this, its great to be following my sister-in-laws blog Unique Gifts 4 Kids. Whether you are looking for children's gifts or some great party supplies take a look at Joanne's site. We are happy that we are both working from home to be with our children and do as well as we possibly can from being working mum's in this day in age. Its really important to support your family and we are proving this first hand.

Right no rest for me this evening, although I must say its extremely exciting to be moving in to my purpose built studio to continue growing Illustrate My Name - for all your children's gifts and for any special occasion, we are here to help you.

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