Friday, April 24, 2009

My Baby Won't Sleep!! Please Help I am Deprived of Sleep

I think every mother at one point or another will be pulling their hair out why their baby isn't sleeping and why it seems everyone else's baby is! Well my first child took over a year to fully go through the night and although to some people that probably seems a long time to have the 'all through the night routine' its not compared to others I have spoken to. My second child who is now almost 8 months, is still waking just once, which of course feels so tiring but actually is quite quite normal at this age. 

I personally would recommend Gina Ford Books to anyone expecting or anyone who has just had a baby, read the Contented Baby Book, as early as you can is the key. I read the book when my first son was 3 months, although eventually it worked, lots of sticking to the routines of course, I felt I was a little late in implementing the techniques. 

Having read the book and seen the outcome, I decided to try again with my second child, but this has been so difficult, firstly when you have a toddler you just cannot stick to some of the techniques like controlled crying, as you don't want a toddler and the your new baby awake at 2am! 

So how impressed was I to find out Gina Ford is launching a brand new book called 'Contented Baby with Toddler Book' - she is a genius!  Although its not out to buy until July, so my little one will be almost a year, I will still have a read! And definitely recommend to people who are expecting their second child. We all do things in our own ways but she is a realist more than preaching what is right and wrong. Focussing on ways and means that may or may not work for you and your family environment, not to mention your child, they are all so very different and mothers instinct is always right - remember that.

I think we all can agree anything is worth a try when your deprived of your sleep - Good luck to all new and expectant mothers out there and why not treat your little one to something from our range of  Baby and Children's Gifts at Illustrate My Name. 

My Little Max at just a few days old x

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