Friday, November 17, 2006

Fun Colouring in for Kids! has created something truely special for your kids to enjoy! Not only have we a fantastic online shop for the adults but now you can print off your childs favourite theme for them to colour or decorate as they wish!

Below are some fun ideas for the themes or perhaps children's birthday parties!

Fun Ideas:

1. Princess/Fairy: Try glitter and cotton wool, add clouds in the sky or some magic fairy dust! Girls will have loads of fun making their picture pretty and pink!

2. Nautical: Again try cotton wool for clouds, or collect some real shells and sand and stick to the little boys masterpiece!

3. New Baby Brother or Sister: What a perfect gift for a new baby from their sister/brother. Not only is this a great opportunity to deal with sibling rivalry but talk to your child about their new sister/brother, it will definately be some quality time for you and your child, especially at a time when they may be feeling a little left out.

4. Let's Play: Boys and girls alike will love this colouring in piece, use loads of bright coloured crayons to create a special picture to perhaps frame for their room!

5. Birthday Parties: Why not print out enough pictures for all the children, then they can have some fun decorating the pictures, and you can judge the winner and have a prize for the best one! Dont' forget a huge mat or table cloth, it could be messy! If needing a unique present for a child's birthday try for a personalised gift that will be treasured for years.

Hope your have fun with the kids!

* Please supervise your children, and encourage toddlers not to put pencils or crayons in his/her mouth when coloring or drawing.

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Adeline said...

Having a party craft is always interesting. The kids will enjoy doing the craft together. Great idea.
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