Monday, November 06, 2006

Whats in a child's name? How important is choosing the right name for your baby?

Who doesn't spend hours sitting with a 'baby names' book, or search every search engine under the sun for the best baby name generator! I certainly did, I actually spent hours searching, and still struggled to decide until very last minute! Its an overwhelming experience enough being pregnant and knowing (or not knowing) how your life will change, let alone thinking of the right name to suit your special arrival!

It was real funny as my husbands favourtie names made me cringe, and I am sure that some of my choices did the same to him! But eventually you come to that important decision, just in time I hope!

I hate to mention particular names, but just the other day a friend of mine told me about their friend who had just called their baby boy ZIGGY! I thought why?? But when you come to think about it, any name, no matter how traditional, biblical or just different, becomes PERFECT.

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