Thursday, November 09, 2006

What better way to start your christmas shopping than a FREE GIFT!

Its really funny how we all try and prepare for christmas early, especially when children are involved, as there is so much to think about, first are the onions pickled, then is the wine muled, then the most important, have you the Father Christmas outfit, then of course the hoof prints on the lawn! Oh whisk me back to my childhood please!

What used to complete my christmas was my father! He was a star (still is), creeping down the stairs to see if BIGGA BAGGA (as my sis used to call him!) had been!!!!!! Singing to all the old movies like 'scrooge' and even going to the trouble of ringing bells before we went to bed and leaving hoof prints on the lawn!! Or Maybe it was Father Christmas after all!

To celebrate all those memories and times still to come of Christmas, Illustrate My Name is doing a promotion whereby they will be giving away a FREE piece of name art - Excluding the frame (the Art will be sent Unframed) to the first 100 bloggers that blog about the site in a positive way.

They also need to include a link back to the site with anchor text "Unique Baby Gift" or "Personalised Baby Gift".The promo is restricted to People in the UK. You will need to write a line like: "Illustrate My Name is giving away 100 free personalised name art pictures to the first people that blog about the site and includes a link and the correct anchor text"

People who decide to blog about the site should send the link with the blog back to chris(at)