Monday, November 20, 2006

Terrible Twos

Toddlers get real bad press in regards to the talk of tantrums, whining and the terrible twos. The truth is, most of the time they're amazing, kind and full of fun. How do we cope with the bad times and make the most of the good?

As a mother I find it best to keep positive, its easy to let it all get you down, especially when its in the most embarrassing places. Just the other day my son decided to have a huge tantrum in the middle of a busy shop, its so difficult to be patient, as you can feel all the eyes digging. But I was able to try and control him even if I did receive a few kicks and screams. The best way I have found is to ignore it after its happened, children of this age don't know wrong from right, especially after the event, so if you are going to say they are wrong or discipline them its best to do it at the moment they misbehave and not dwell on it any longer.

Understanding what your toddler wants will help overcome these difficulties, especially before they can talk and communicate to you, my son has developed quite early and talks all the time and asks for what he wants. Its amazing that within a few months we are communicating properly, he understands me and vica versa! Even if sometimes all he can say is 'chocolate' over and over again, I don't give in, they do play tricks and believe me they start very young picking up on everything! Including knowing your weaknesses!

Your child is dependant on you, you are the greatest person in their lives, remember, although these times seem never ending, these years are over too quickly and thats when we wish we could turn the clocks back. Being their everything is a great feeling, enjoy it, as these times wont last forever either.

Don't forget, be that child again, we all have it in us, its just our children which bring it to the surface! Visit for some extra special gifts for your toddler or some fun colouring pages to enjoy with them!

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